CT or ultrasound advice

Just curious if anyone has had any experience with having an ultrasound to check lymph nodes or if the preferred choice is CT...? 

I have been in remission for over 2 years now and recently had strep throat (a month ago). I have a node in my neck that is quite swollen and we aren't sure if it's just not draining or if it is something worse... my doctor wants to do an ultrasound so I am going for one on Thursday, but I'm concerned because my original ultrasound before I was diagnosed with lymphoma didn't show anything. They had to do a CT scan before the mass was seen. I'm not sure if it is just a bad fluke that the original u/s showed nothing or if an u/s just doesn't detect cancer. Should I be asking for a CT scan? 

I'm sure I'm just being paranoid, but don't want to take chances. The node is swollen enough that it is visible and it is slightly tender. 

Hope everyone is doing well. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I think I'd go with what I'd feel better about the results!! Prayers it is nothing serious!!! May God give you direction on what will be best!!
Xoxo, Lenae
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I think if you had strep it could well still be a reactive lymph node. (I’m not an MD) I think that “tender” description is also a good sign of a lymph node being reactive and just doing it’s job.
See how you feel about their ultrasound diagnosis.
If you aren’t comfortable, ask about the CT, but another option to ask about might just be a needle biopsy.
My initial diagnosis for DLBC NHL was a quick ultrasound and a needle biopsy.
Don’t let your fears take you for a ride. You just got over strep.
You’re experienced. Let that little voice on your shoulder guide you.
Keep us posted!! Give it hell!
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Sometimes it is easy to let those fears carry you away... but you are right! Thank you.
That's a difficult question. The ultrasound is the least invasive and it is not risky and no radiation and no pain so it's a good first go-round. I would still think that a month after strep throat your system might still be working on flushing out the yucky germs & It may not have healed up yet? I think if I was really worried, the needle biopsy might be one route they can do while they're doing the ultrasound. We are overly cautious once we gone through this "Adventure" so I'd talk to your doctor about it some more to let them know your concerns. I hope your family is doing well.
MGBY, John
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Thanks John - I think that makes sense. We will see what happens after the ultrasound and go from there. The family is good! Kids are happy that we have had some warmer weather. Hope you are doing well too!
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TENDER is good! I've had strep many times, side effect of my SLE and once had a big goozer node that looked like an udder and was sore as heck. But, yes, best to check it out because of our "history". Blessings on the test.🙏🏻👍🏻😘
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Thank you! It's nice to hear that it is most likely nothing to worry about.
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Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog which is full of information. You have just cleared the confusion on what to choose between both.
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